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The courtyard in front of the San Clemente church in Rome. 
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The courtyard in front of the San Clemente church in Rome.

"Simply the most quintessentially Roman building in Rome: seventeen hundred years or so of Roman history, art, architecture, religion, and life piled one on top of another, woven into each other, still visible. From the bizarre, three levels down (a very well-preserved Mithraeum), to the stunningly beautiful top level (the remarkable gold mosaic of the Tree of Life rivals any of the famed mosaics in Ravenna or anywhere else) to the virtually incomprehensible but still compelling jumble of the fourth-century church and its successors in between, there is nothing like this Rome in a nutshell." (Joseph J. Walsh, Professor of Classics and History at Loyola University Maryland, in Robert Kahn's City Secrets: Rome).
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