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Čumil peeking from a manhole at a street crossing in Bratislava Old Town. 
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Čumil peeking from a manhole at a street crossing in Bratislava Old Town.

His story was told by its creator, sculptor Viktor Hulík, in an interview for Twin City Journal: "Čumil was created as part of a larger project that we prepared with my colleague Juraj Meliš, then the mayor of the Old Town, and the current Mayor of Bratislava, Andrej Ďurkovský, literally at the last moment. Restoration work was ongoing in the pedestrian zone, and we realised that apart from the restoration of the centre the town would also deserve a breath of fresh air, some form of curiosity, an attraction. Basically, something that would make the pedestrian zone unique and special. It wasn't simple to come up with an idea like that. However, a study of material about the history of Bratislava was very useful. In 1997, after considering several proposals and long creative discussions, the decision was taken that the sculptures of Čumil, Schöne Náci and a Napoleonic soldier would be produced. And soon afterwards they appeared on the Corso. [...] Certainly, the fact that Čumil became a popular figure makes me very happy. When I was thinking about the reasons why he is so popular I realised that it is possibly the fact that traditionally, statues in public places usually depicted historical characters and stood on high pedestals, with serious expressions on their faces and commanding respect. They were often remote and seemed very strange to those who saw them. Čumil is quite the opposite; he is very close to a human being and is placed maybe "too low". The statue doesn't pretend to be "Great Art", yet it has humour and goodheartedness in it, and his physiognomy brings joy and a smile... I think that this is the reason why he has become so dear to hearts of Bratislava citizens as well as tourists".
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