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Inside the 16th century church of Il Gesù in Rome. 
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Inside the 16th century church of Il Gesù in Rome.

This baroque church, located in the Piazza del Gesù, is the mother church of the Jesuit order. It introduced the baroque style into architecture and served as model for innumerable Jesuit churches all over the world. Although Michelangelo, at the request of the Spanish cardinal Bartolomeo de la Cueva, offered, out of devotion, to design the church for free, the endeavor was funded by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, grandson of Pope Paul III, the pope who had authorized the founding of the Society of Jesus. Ultimately, the main architects involved in the construction were Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, architect of the Farnese family, and Giacomo della Porta. The most striking feature of the interior decoration is the ceiling fresco is the grandiose Triumph of the Name of Jesus by Giovanni Battista Gaulli. Gaulli also frescoed the cupola, including lantern and pendentives, central vault, window recesses, and transepts' ceilings. (Text based on Wikipedia).
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Frescoes in the Il Gesù church in RomeFrescoes in the Il Gesù church in Rome
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