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All Saints' Day at the Military Cemetery in Kraków. 
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All Saints' Day at the Military Cemetery in Kraków.

Each of the unknown soldiers that lie here gets a burning candle on this special evening.
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Rakowice Cemetery in Kraków - All Saints' Day 2007
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Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010: The shooting target at the Axalp-Ebenfluh aerial firing range in the Swiss Alps, with looters searching for bullets after the end of the first day of the annual Axalp Air Power Demonstration
Axalp-Ebenfluh firing range (2)
1st you have made so good and nice pictures of the airshow. 2nd I cant believe what you are holding there in front of a sign saying not to touch any remainings of ammo. How stupid (sorry) is this? Its dangerous, look at the one whos holding the yellow shell, this is most prob a HEI round; because of people like you, all the show get more and more restricted. Can you imagine what it means [...] (Andy)
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