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Inside the church of Sant'Onofrio on the slopes of the Janiculum Hill in Rome. 
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Inside the church of Sant'Onofrio on the slopes of the Janiculum Hill in Rome.

Wikipedia: The church was built in 1439 on the site of an ancient hermitage, as part of a cloistered monastery of the Hieronymites that existed here from the 15th-16th century. It is the official church of the papal order of knighthood Order of the Holy Sepulchre. A side chapel is dedicated specifically to the Order and a former grand master, Nicola Canali is entombed there. The church contains reminders of Torquato Tasso, the author of Gerusalemme Liberata, the epic poem that retells the deeds of the crusaders who fought to regain possession of the Holy Sepulchre itself. After wandering all over Italy, the poet requested and obtained shelter at the monastery of Sant’Onofrio and spent the last years of his life there.

"The ‘dim religious light’ of the church’s interior is well suited to the almost Gothic lines of its main structure, but the richness of the Renaissance glows in the gold of the frescoes adorning the apse. On the authority of Vasari these are attributed to Peruzzi, though the influence of Pinturicchio is evident in some of them, while others maintain that they are by Jacopo Ripanda in collaboration with Lombard painters. They represent God the Father, the Birth of Christ, the Flight into Egypt, the Coronation of the Virgin, and the Virgin and Child enthroned, surrounded by the Apostles, saints, sybils and angelic musicians." (Georgina Masson: The Companion Guide to Rome, Woodbridge 2009).

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Frescoes in the apse, Sant' Onofrio, RomeFrescoes in the altar, Sant' Onofrio, RomeThe epitaph of Torquato Tasso, Sant' Onofrio, RomeThe church of Sant' Onofrio, RomeThe church of Sant' Onofrio, RomeSaint Onuphrius (Sant' Onofrio, Rome)
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