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Inside the Blue Church in Bratislava. 
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Inside the Blue Church in Bratislava.

The Church of St. Elisabeth, commonly known as the Blue Church (Modrý kostolík), is a Hungarian Secessionist (Jugendstil) Catholic church located in the eastern part of the Old Town in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is consecrated to Elisabeth of Hungary, daughter of Andrew II, who grew up in the Pressburg Castle. Its popular comes from the colour of its façade, mosaics, majolicas and blue-glazed roof.

The one-nave Art Nouveau church was built in 1909-1913. Architect Ödön Lechner also drew plans of a neighbouring grammar school and of the vicarage. The ground floor of the church is oval. In the foreground there is a 37 metres high cylindrical church tower. At first, a cupola was planned, but eventually a barrel vault was built, topped by a hip roof. The roof is covered with glazed bricks with decoration, for the purpose of parting. The main and side entrances are enclosed with Romanesque double-pillars, which have an Oriental feeling. Pillars are also located near the windows. The façade was at first painted with light pastel colours. Later the church got its characteristic blue colour. A line of blue tiles and wave-strip encircles the church. The interior is richly decorated with altarpieces. On the altar there is an illustration of St. Elisabeth, depicted giving out abilities to the beggars and poor. (Text based on Wikipedia).

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A side altar in the Blue Church in Bratislava
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